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Technical knowledge of fresh air system-B


17. How big is a home machine?

Answer: the model of common household new fan is: 100 air volume /150 air volume /200 air volume /250 air volume /350 air volume.

18. What should I pay attention to after installation?

Answer: after installation, the air quantity of each outlet should be adjusted. The upper supply air can adjust the opening degree of the outlet.

19. Is the fresh air belt filtered?

A: yes, there is a filter screen in the fresh air unit.

20. How does total heat exchange work?

A: recovery of sensible heat and latent heat by using the temperature difference of fresh air and exhaust air flow and the pressure difference of water steam.

21. What are the requirements for installing fresh air location?

Answer: upper space of condole top meets installation height requirement, distance from wall meets overhaul requirement?, low requirements on noise, convenient indoor piping arrangement, convenient access to outdoor areas by supervisors, and guarantee the space between two supervisors outside.

22. How to carry out maintenance in the later stage of fresh air?

Answer: if fan runs normally, clean filter screen, tuyere and other components.If do not run check the controller and circuit.

23. How to choose a fresh air outlet?

Answer: general choice can adjust wind tuyere, when air quantity is not all, can undertake adjustment to the air quantity of each room, choose wind tuyere model according to air quantity and wind speed.

24. Has the whole heat exchange machine been cleaned for a long time?

A: use.Clean with vacuum cleaner or blower.

25. What is the minimum noise value of the new mute fan?

Answer: according to the size of air volume change, from 15 decibels to 50 decibels.

26. How to change the pipe for fresh air installation?

Answer: connect with PVC size head.The size of the pipe diameter after scaling is determined according to the air volume and wind speed.

27. What are the installation methods of fresh air?

Answer: send up send back, bottom send back.

28. Advantages of the new risk control controller?

Answer: it can automatically detect indoor carbon dioxide concentration and volatile organic compound content. By detecting indoor air pollution index, it can automatically control the start and stop and wind speed of the fan. It can create a good environment for families while saving energy and effectively detect indoor temperature and humidity.Also can do section control wind speed start and stop.

29. Is the new risk control controller BW810 suitable for all fresh air main engines?

Answer: no, 810 belongs to the controller of active output. The fan operates at high and low speed through zero fire line. It is suitable for the high and high speed line of fan to connect fire line, not suitable for high and high speed line to connect control line.

30. What's the difference between a full heat exchange and a two-way flow?

Answer: total heat exchange fan can recover indoor cold or heat, reduce indoor heat load or the loss of cold load.Bidirectional flow cannot

31. What does "WB" stand for?

Answer: WB stands for light and thin fan

32. What kind of house is suitable for self-balancing new fan?

Answer: do not need to install branch implement, suit to have the residence of more than room, the many tuyere of fan can be adjusted according to actual application but can block, realize each room air quantity balance.

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