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Technical knowledge of fresh air system-C


33. How many air outlets does a room need?

Answer: this is decided according to room size and tuyere size, room area * layer height * air change times = new air volume tuyere quantity = new air volume/tuyere cross-sectional area/wind pipe wind speed.Vents wind at 2.5m/s: 75 vents air at about 35 cubic metres per hour, and 100 vents air at about 70 cubic metres per hour.

34. How to choose fresh air tuyere which can be adjusted with blinds?

Answer: adjustable tuyere can adjust tuyere opening degree appropriately, the louver basically is to adjust wind direction, general room size does not suggest to use adjustable tuyere only, it is visual problem next, see the requirement of the client.

35. How long should the connecting hose of fresh air main engine be connected, and will the air volume be affected?

A: it is generally recommended that the distance between the two pipelines be 20-50cm.It can be lengthened appropriately, but the hose can be discounted as far as possible, because the inner wall of the hose is not smooth, and the hose is easy to fold when longer, which will increase the resistance of the wind in the pipe and affect the overall air volume.Over 1M affects more than 10% of total air flow.

36. Can the house be decorated with fresh air?

Answer: ok, the house that decorates can suggest a client to install wall to hang type new fan, want to install central new wind system, need to alter to decorate appropriately.

37. How is the fresh air filter cleaned?

Answer: after cleaning with cleaner first, clean with water proper again, general proposal is cleaned first quarter.To ensure better ventilation and good indoor environment.

38. Does the new risk control controller need to connect other wires besides the power cord?

Answer: in addition to the power line should be connected with the new fan relative to the high and low speed control line.

39. How does the new one-way flow fan work?

Answer: as the name implies, there is only one fan, which can only supply air or draw air.Generally, it is recommended to use two airflow machines, one main delivery and one main return.

40. What is the difference between floor and wall air outlets and what is the effect?If the client considers the effect, is it recommended to put it on the wall or the floor?

Answer: when installed on the ground, it is very easy to have stolen goods or small items fall into the room when the client is cleaning. The two kinds of effects are the same, and it is generally recommended that the client install on the wall.

41. Can the two models of main engine and accessories be mixed?Those can't?

Answer: the main engine with the same diameter can connect the air duct with the same diameter. If there are two brands of fans, the lower air supply accessories cannot be mixed.

42. Is the three-speed switch connected in the same way as the LCD controller?

Answer: the three-speed switch is a passive control switch, which does not require power supply, while the LCD controller is divided into active and passive, which requires zero fire wire to supply power to the panel.

43. Is the main engine hanging from the bathroom?How is it fixed?How to reserve access?

Answer: not certain, depend on the circumstance and decide, general proposal installs in toilet kitchen.Hang wire and pull blasting are used for fixation. As with the expansion screw, the main engine has the hoisting holes. The mounting holes should be added with spacer up and down.Generally, the access port should be left at the connection side of 450*450.

44. What is the difference between the connection of the fixed frequency and variable frequency host?

Answer: there is no ignition line on the fixed-frequency host. The zero ignition line is put on the controller. The fan will not be charged until the high and low speed switch is closed.While the variable-frequency main engine is always in the state of electrification, only when the signal fan is given by the closing of high and low speed lines can it operate.

45. Sometimes there is no hose with a tuyere so can the hose be bigger?

A: if so, what effect would it have?If not, why not?If there is no hose, it can be bigger. If the joint is sealed well, it will have no effect.

46. When the living room and the dining room are together, the overall area is larger. In this case, is it better to use fewer outlets or more outlets?Why is that?For example, if two halls are together, is it better to use four 110s or eight 75s?

Answer: general advice wind tuyere do not want too much, air quantity achieves ok.The wind zone of 75 is about 15 square, and the wind zone of 100 is about 30 square.

47. Do I need an air outlet for the walkway connecting the living room to each room?

Answer: need not, air is flow, the space that circulates wants design to satisfy air quantity demand to go only.

48. The client gives a room of 200 square meters with living room, dining room, kitchen, toilet, study, master bedroom, second bedroom and so on. When doing fresh air, you need to do fresh air in those rooms.

Answer: general guest dining-room, bedroom, study should do, kitchen toilet does not suggest to install, because a place needs to change air effect is different, change air frequency is different, prevent toilet kitchen odour to enter other room however.If the customer wants to install, can do separately new exhaust air.

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