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How can the air purifier be used better


As the air quality in modern society is declining day by day, air purifier has become a popular small household appliance in order to provide more comfortable, environment-friendly and healthy household environment for families.However, what many people don't know is that although air purifiers can purify the air, they may cause secondary pollution if used improperly.It also affects life and effectiveness.How to use it better? Please note the following points:

1, had better open long time

The household air purifier is best to run for 24 hours or a long time. A large number of users, for example, are afraid that the machine is tired (too simple, sometimes naive), save electricity or feel that the noise is too big. They will only run for 4 or 5 hours with a small amount of air.In fact, otherwise, the indoor pollution concentration will always rise when people turn off the computer. When you come back to turn on the computer, you can stop the rising trend of pollution at most. After 4 or 5 hours of operation, the pollution at home will slightly decline, and you turn off the computer again.Therefore, it is recommended to start up the machine 24 hours a day. All domestic air purifiers with quality assurance are designed on the premise of starting up the machine for a long time, so you can rest assured to start it.

2. Determine the quantity according to the size of space

Each area of air purification equipment are designed to be used, and the use area are according to the current apartment general design to calculate the height 2.6 meters, if your home is jump layer or villa will double the actual usable floor area, or it will become a small cart, simply couldn't reflect the purification ability of the air purifier.Therefore, how many household air purifiers should be placed according to the area of your home.

3. The placement should be appropriate

Most air purifiers using the filter core technology require a fan to draw the surrounding air into the machine, filter it, and then blow it out.At this time, the position of the machine is very important. If you put it in the corner, or some hidden place, which obstructs the air intake, then its purification capacity will be greatly reduced, especially in the heating period, especially pay attention to the electricity safety.Therefore, it is recommended to leave empty space in an open area with no shade within at least 30CM around. It would be great if it could be placed in the center of the room.

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