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Yifil Purification in the sixth Beijing new air purification exhibition


YiFil Purification take apart in the sixth Beijing new air purification exhibition

The 6th international air purification and fresh air system exhibition opened in Beijing national convention center on oct 28, 2018.The annual industry fair attracted many media reports and more than 500 enterprises joined the exhibition.


Strength of fresh air to air purification industry research and development enterprise, professional OEM/ODM factory, Guangdong Yifil Purification Technology Co., Ltd. take it brand- Yifei jingbao: MPT miaojing bao, warring states series, fresh air bao, mini bao, Y30 smoke purifier, QPT jingjing bao, etc Air purifier & fresh air system take apart in this exhibition. as the 2018 created fresh air system industry's first full aluminum alloy shell cylindrical air how - warring states series also high-profile appearance at the exhibition.


The warring states series have a total of seven models, cover the fresh air system, air purifier, fit the yifil purification’s fast purify & large space concept, the warring states series air purification all-in-one machines contains four model - Qin Jingbao air purification machine (XF6-1500 a/B), Wei Jingbao (XF5-1250 a/B), Zhao Jingbao (XF4-1000 - a/B), Han Jingbao(XF3-750 a/B), and three smart air purifier net - Yan Jingbao (JH6-1500), Chu Jingbao (JH5-1250), Qi Jingbao(JH4-1000),Air volume covers 750M cubed /H-1500M cubed /H.

The research and development team of Yifil purification has conducted in-depth research on the pain points of the use of traditional air cleaning products -- the square body with poor appearance level and large area, and designed the appearance of qijing series of the warring states period as a cylindrical body to avoid potential safety hazards caused by collisions.The machine shell is 3mm thick aluminum alloy oxidized sandblasting, there are two colors of champagne gold/moonlight silver, suitable for different decoration styles.


High level higher performance in appearance, as the Yifei jingbao fist product in 2018-2019, the warring states series on the performance of more incisively and vividly shows the Yifei jingbao’s attitude toward the product for empty net field, as the consumer's perception of air purifier and fresh air system is more and more high, people life rhythm speeding up, improving the quality of the life, and the Yifil jingbao flagship of large space net speed purification concept is more and more deeply rooted in the warring states series more than 750 m/H series main air volume, covering family from 30-300 - full use of space, no matter it is a small apartment type residence or large villa style houses. One machine purifies whole house, it is our core target.


The Yifei jingbao warring states series adopts multi-layer purification technology, H12 level efficient filter net and has anti-bacterial sponge capable of intercepting large particulate matter, mainly aiming at the purification of PM2.5, and completely eliminating secondary pollution. Large surface area of honeycomb materials, long-term adsorption free in the air formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, TVOC and other harmful substances.

Due to the outstanding product performance and high appearance level, during the exhibition, the warring states series gained the attention of many exhibitors, especially four new air purification all-in-one machines attracted a large number of customers to come for consultation.


Air purifier and fresh air system, which is different from traditional fresh air system and air purifier, Yifil warring states series new air purification all-in-one machines, through the intelligent monitoring of indoor air and carbon dioxide, the warring states series in assure indoor oxygen balance and PM2.5 air purification machine, TVOC standards, intelligent switch to a new air circulating system or air purifier.The intelligence is more energy saving, and the warring states series is optimized through the program to meet consumers' demand for use, and at the same time, consumers have a lower cost of use.

For the heat, the auxiliary heat and total heat exchange function are designed.The auxiliary heating type is purified in the way of positive pressure unidirectional flow, and the total heat exchange is purified in the way of two-way micro-positive pressure net, which can not only make the indoor and outdoor air exchange each other, rapidly replenish indoor oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide concentration, but also can improve indoor temperature to a certain extent, and the new fan can be converted into "warm fan" in an instant.


As we know, the new wind machine must be equipped with fresh air fittings to achieve indoor and outdoor air communication, while the traditional installation method makes many consumers worry that their decoration will be damaged. As early as in 2015, Yifil jingbao developed don't have to break the Windows, and No holes on the wall of new type new wind installations, and in June 2017 to the national Patent certificate (Patent No. : ZL201720636143.0) and warring states series, air purification machine with the Yifil jingbao of Patent new wind window accessories, which can realize fast installation, No damage to decorate, punching glass does not destroy long lake, convenient save worry.


High level in appearance with high performance, the Yifil jingbao warring states series fresh air purification system been high-profile once it appearance, Although Beijing is a little dry and cold init late autumn, the yifil pavilion is in hot demand. Many agents/dealers from around the country through the understanding and commissioning, a numbers of agents signing agent distribution agreement on the spot with yifil purification.

Win the market with the product, win the future with the innovation.Since its establishment, yifil purification has adhered to the craftsman spirit and been deeply engaged in the industry of air cleaning. From the most basic filter technology to the most core complete machine technology, yifil purification has been constantly developing, improving and innovating.

There are good and bad markets, there are ups and downs, yifil jingbao always adhere to the same, with dozens of yifil people countless day and night painstaking efforts for your every clean breath, unremitting efforts!


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